SSH Help Page

Use ssh to transfer files from your computer to your personal space.
Note: You must have a working ASURITE ID and password.

Secure Shell Client (ssh) is free for all ASU students.  Just click on the following link to go to the download page and follow the instructions.

Step 1

Open a Secure Shell Client (ssh) window by double clicking on the ssh icon .  If it does not appear on the desktop open the Start Menu then go to Programs and you will see SSH Secure Shell. Once you have the window open click on Quick Connect.

Step 2

For the Host Name type '' and for the User Name type YOUR ASURITE ID.  Leave the other settings alone and click Connect.

Step 3

Now enter your password and click connect.

Step 4

After ssh connects you should see a window that looks like the one above.  If you type pine you will be taken to ASU emailing service.  For file transfer you want to open a File Transfer Window which is circled above.

Step 5

This is an example of what a File Transfer Window may look like.  Note:  Depending on the settings of your computer, your window may have a different appearance.  The following commands will still apply.  For the above window, the left pane lists the folders in my personal space on the ASU server.  The right pane displays the contents of my pgclark folder.  I can make as many folders as I like to keep my space organized (mine is not that organized :-)  If you put the point of your mouse across any button on the toolbar you will get a message of what that button does.  I will only cover a few for now.  You can double click on a folder to examine its contents.

Step 6

Now I want to create a new folder where I will keep my files for MAT 270.  Right click on the left hand pane and you will see a menu similar to the following.  Choose to create a New Folder.

Step 7

Now you can name your folder whatever you like.  I have chosen to name mine MAT270.  After that hit enter.

Step 8

Now your new folder should appear in your list of folders.  You can double click on the folder to open it.  There should be nothing in it as we just created it. We will now discuss how to upload a file from the computer we are working on and 'uploading' it to our web space.  Click on the 'upload' button to begin the process.

Step 9

After clicking the 'upload' button you will get a window similar to the one above.  The contents of the computer I am on are listed above.  You will have to know where the file is that you would like to upload.  I will be clicking on My Computer and then going to my C: drive.

Step 10

I have found my file in my Maple labs folder.  Now I make sure I have my file selected, in this case intro.mws, and I press upload.

Step 11

Now I see that intro.mws is located in my MAT270 file (notice what is open on the left hand pane) and is in my personal space so that I can download it using any other computer that has the ssh software.  Now if I want to download the file the process is similar to uploading, but now I will use the download button (denoted above).  You will choose a location to download your file and you will be good to go!

Note:  This is not the only way to do this.  Ssh is a GUI that will also allow you to "drag and drop" files between your computer and your personal space.  This is just a tutorial for those people with little to no experience with ssh.

Email me with any questions.