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My name is Phil Clark, PhD, and I am part of the Mathematics faculty at Scottsdale Community College.  I have a PhD and an MA in Mathematics from Arizona State University and I received my B.S. in Mathematics from The Ohio State University.  ME

I have been at SCC since Fall, 2005.  In addition to being a mathematics professor at SCC, I also assist in doing research for Research and Innovation in Mathematics and Science Education.  Currently I am working on professional development materials to accompany some curriculum we have created.  We also work with all levels of math teachers.  Before that I worked with the Center for Research on Education in Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology (CRESMET) which is part of ASU.  Our project involveed working with high school and middle school science teachers so that they will be better prepared to teach their own courses.      

I arrived at ASU in the fall of 2000 and and completed my masters in 2002.  I completed my PhD in Mathematics with a concentration in Math Education in 2005.  My dissertation was "The Emergence of a Community of Practice in a Mathematical Structures Course" (note that this is the final version of my paper, but not completely formatted to ASU graduate standards and be warned, it is well over 300 pages so happy reading :-).  I have taught a wide range of mathematics and mathematics education courses as well as some probability and statistics courses to students ranging from middle school students to high school teachers.

While at ASU Ialso worked on several different research projects.  I taught a Probability and Data Analysis Course for Teachers which I helped develop as part of an educational grant.  I have worked with summer school students as a content specialist working with teachers to help improve lesson design the last couple summers.  I was an evaluator on the Math And Parent Partnership in the Southwest (MAPPS) where we are documenting the positive effects of re-educating parents in mathematics in a style that is commensurate with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards.   I have also assisted the Technology Based Learning and Research (TBLR)  department with editing videos for lesson plans and constructing a database of mathematical problems to be used in future software.  

I was born in St. Louis, MO then moved to Pittsburgh, PA when I was 2. At 10 I moved to Solon, Ohio which is just outside of Cleveland.  After high school I moved to Columbus, OH to attend OSU where I spent some great years.                                                                
I have been an assistant coach with ASU men's Rugby Team.    I have a sister who lives in New York and my parents still live back in Solon.  

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